Do you guarantee repair work from Postmill Garage?

We guarantee our parts and our labour. We want you to trust us as your local garage, same as we want to trust you as a loyal customer.

Will my new car still be in warranty if I go to a local garage?

Yes! The EU block exemption means you can have a local repair, and keep your dealer's warranty. At Postmill Garage we use genuine parts for cars that are under three years old, we work to manufacturers’ strict requirements, and we stamp your repair log book – so you can shop local and still preserve your new car warranty.

Will you stamp my repair log book?

Postmill Garage is authorised to service all makes and models of cars, so we'll know exactly how to maintain your vehicle to manufacturer guidelines. We'll service your vehicle locally, stamp your manufacturer's log book, and your vehicle will stay in its new car warranty.

Can I drive without a valid MOT certificate?

Every vehicle over three years old must have a valid MOT certificate every twelve months. This must be issued by a VOSA-authorised technician. Driving without the certificate is likely to bring a penalty such as a fine. There is also a risk that your insurer will not pay any claims if your car is in an accident.

Do I get a free re-test if my car fails?

Yes you can. VOSA entitles you to a retest may take place providing the car meets one of these:

Your vehicle stays at the testing station for repair, and is then re-tested.

If the fail is due to certain parts, you are entitled to a free retest at the testing station within ten working days.

But we like to go a bit further than that for our customers.

Will I get to use a courtesy car?

We have several courtesy cars available. If you have young children to fit in a car, we can arrange your appointment for a time when you can use our family-size courtesy car. We aim to provide a courtesy car for repair work whenever needed.

I don't trust garages. Why should I trust you?

A lot of people worry about finding a garage they can trust. We're very open about the reasons you should choose us, but we're also happy to give you some more objective advice. We hope you'll feel comfortable talking to us about your worries − so we can try to make them go away.

How much is reasonable to pay for garage labour?

The vehicles we drive today are complex. Just to keep them running, technicians need to understand computers, engineering, environmental issues, and road safety. Just diagnosing a problem on your car requires a significant investment in equipment, licensing, training, and insurance. And someone with that kind of skills, who can fix the problem the first time, deserves to be paid a fair wage.

Because Postmill Garage is a family garage based in Norfolk, we understand the pressures families are under. We choose to work independently, rather than join the bigger groups of garages, because we are able to respect our technicians as well as provide a good service at a fair price.

Try us and see – we'll be happy to give you a quote for our labour rates, for you to compare against the big garages. And since our work is guaranteed, and we use genuine parts for cars under three years old, you'll get as good a service, if not better service - at a lower price.

What happens to the parts you take out of my car?

Unless you ask us to return them to you, the parts are recycled. We make every effort to re-use and recycle our waste as much as is safe and efficient. We comply with all of VOSA's requirements on environmental responsibility, but we never use recycled materials in our work when safety is an issue – only when everyone’s well-being is intact do we introduce recycled materials. Safety comes first.