MOT Testing Wymondham

Every vehicle older than three years old must go through the MOT - by law.

At Postmill Garage in Wymondham, we aim to make your MOT as painless as possible.

We remember that the MOT is about keeping you and your family safe. So our garage and all our mechanics are approved by VOSA to perform MOTs, to make sure we keep up with the latest developments in road safety.

What happens in an MOT

An MOT includes an in-depth inspection of your vehicle's safety. We'll look at your car inside and out, checking everything is secure and in place to keep you and your family safe.

If your vehicle passes the inspection, we will issue a pass certificate called a VT20.

If for some reason your vehicle fails the test, we will give you a document called a VT30. You will need to put the fault right, and have your car re-tested.

Occasionally we may give you a second document along with your pass certificate, called a VT32. This document gives you advice on areas of your car which aren't severe enough to fail the MOT, but are likely to need attention soon. This can help you to plan ahead for your financial decisions.

How much does it cost?

Our charge for an MOT is £34.99 inclusive, and they usually take about 45 minutes. Please call us on 01953 602691 to book your MOT.