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We supply and fit clutches for all types of cars and vans at competitive rates.

Signs your clutch may need replacing

There are different factors that will influence how long a clutch will last such as how your driving style and the type of driving you do day to day. For example, if you drive in a built up area like a busy town or city, you are probably using the clutch a lot for starting and stopping. Your style will also have an influence. If you keep the clutch engaged when stopped on a hill (rather than use your brakes), your clutch will deteriorate much faster.

There are certain indicators to look out for which may suggest your clutch needs to be replaced:-

  • Your cars shudders when pulling away
  • Unable to change gear
  • A noise when clutch is pressed
  • Poor acceleration or slipping when driving

To prolong the life of your clutch, you should consider the following:-

  • When stopped at traffic lights, put your car into neutral and release the clutch. Use your brakes where possible instead.
  • Remove your foot from the clutch completely when driving

If you have any concerns about your clutch, please give us a call to book an inspection.